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Civitella Alfedena

The tourist who visits Civitella for the first time is immediately fascinated by the graceful and harmonious forms of the architecture, which still allows a glimpse of stone houses and very narrow alleys in which to "get lost" during a walk in the name of tradition.
It rises on the slopes of Monte Sterpi d'Alto, which represents only the beginning of that wonderful spectacle that opens immediately behind the pretty village: the Camosciara amphitheater (Integral Reserve Area of the Park). At the foot of the village, Lake Barrea, easily reachable with a pedestrian walk that crosses the pine forest leads to the Ponte Vecchio and then to the shores of the lake.

Municipality of Civitella Alfedena

Civitella Alfedena (AQ) - Abruzzo


Mountainous landscapes, expanses of beech woods and crystalline waterways characterize the village of Barrea. The highest peak, that of Mount Greco, reaches 2249 meters above sea level.

An ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts, a dense network of paths starts from its inhabited center leading to the main attractions of the area, including: Lake Vivo, Lake Pantaniello, Lake Barrea, and the Resuni refuge.

The historic center is very suggestive, which still preserves intact the traces of an ancient past in which it was used as a fortification for defensive purposes.

Municipality of Barrea



Pescasseroli lies in a basin at the entrance to the Alta Valle del Sangro at m. 1167 above sea level. This plateau full of pastures is surrounded by centuries-old woods and suggestive mountains. Pescasseroli is a town where the symbiosis between nature and architecture is evident: the inhabited center is in perfect harmony with the natural wonders that surround it. The urban core, in a flat position, has developed around the ancient abbey and is characterized by traditional masonry constructions of stones and mortar, adorned with particular windows with local cut stone, called "gentle stone" from the name of the mountain of the same name. Piazza S.Antonio, so called due to the presence of a church that has now disappeared, is the fulcrum of the life of Pescasseroli: it is colored by beech trees and perfumed by the small flowers of the lime trees and is adorned, as well as by the Town Hall, by a graceful fountain, surmounted by a statuette of the Immaculate Conception.

Municipality of Pescasseroli

Pescasseroli (AQ) - Abruzzo

Villetta Barrea

The village of Villetta Barrea is immersed in a suggestive landscape where nature and culture blend. It develops around a 1300 castle built in the upper part of the town. Every corner, alley and glimpse of the historic center tell the story and everyday life of the small Abruzzo town where the pine forest of Pinus Nigra stands out.

Municipality of Villetta Barrea

Villetta Barrea (AQ) - Abruzzo


Located in a splendid natural amphitheater, surrounded by lush mountains rich in woods, Opi still retains the characteristics of an ancient medieval village, unique for its position and aspect of great archaeological interest. The human presence in the territory of Opi has remote origins, as evidenced by the remains of a fortified center in the place where the current town stands, the many archaeological finds found in the Necropolis of Val Fondillo and the remains of a probable temple in the locality "Casali. "and" Fonte delle Lecina ".

Municipality of Opi

Opi (AQ)-Abruzzo


Perched on a spur of rock at 1050 meters above sea level, Scanno is a small town immersed in the greenery of the Sagittario Valley. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Scanno is located within the Abruzzo National Park and is an ideal destination both in summer and in winter thanks to its numerous points of interest and the many activities that can be practiced in this area. From trekking to mountain bike excursions, from horse riding to cross-country skiing, Scanno is a place that conquers different types of visitors.

Municipality of Scanno

Scanno (AQ) - Abruzzo
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